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MEDIMCO Radiology IT PACS RIS VPN VNAHealthcare Information System, Practice Management Software and Decission Support Systems.

We Provide:

  • IT Support for existing Radiology Firms (PACS, RIS, VPN, VNA, High-Speed links)
  • IT infrastructure specifically designed for Hospitals (VNA, DICOM Solutions)
  • IT Consulting (Premier Consultants with decades of experience)
  • Practice Management Software for General Practices

and more...

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About Us

MEDIMCO ® is a Melbourne, Australia based Support Services Provider serving healthcare businesses Worldwide.

We partner with our clients to assists along each step of the Healthcare Business Life Cycle. Read more about us and the HBLC here...
Our portfolio of services offered includes Healthcare Business Intelligence products, Infrastructure Management and Growth Planning (e.g. building, fit-out, costing, consulting, facilities management, just to name a few), Operations Support (optimisation, automation, compliance, QA), Healthcare Technology (HIS, practice management systems, DICOM, infrastructure, VOIP and consulting), Training and Assessment Services (practice assessments, staff training, business training, clinical training programs).

We serve clients such as General Practices (independent and groups), Allied Health Professionals, Radiology and Pathology Companies, Public and Private Hospitals and Specialty Surgery Centres, Aged Care and Respite Services Providers, Dentists and Dental Specialists as well as Healthcare Vendors, Suppliers, Builders and Developers.

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