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CycleMEDIMCO is a Melbourne, Australia Services Provider to the healthcare sector.



Healthcare businesses form, grow, operate and transform based on a 
Healthcare Business Life Cycle (HBLC)

MEDIMCO ® assists healthcare businesses along each step of this cycle at a very affordable cost. Below, you can read more about each stage

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  • Startup StageAre you planning on a new healthcare venture?
  • Perhaps you are a clinician who wishes to establish a private practice for the first time in your career?

In this Early stage of the Healthcare Business Life Cycle (HBLC) your aim is to turn idea, or a concept into reality.



We provide the decision support needed to select niche, location and ideal form of operation. We then assist you in acquiring finance, designing and completing the actual clinical centre, designing and implementing the operational guidelines as well as branding, marketing and selling the service offering. We are one of the top healthcare consulting and management consulting firms who provide turn-key solutions for start-ups at an extremely affordable cost.

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  • Growth StageIn the growth Stage we look at infrastructure, analyse cost base, explore opportunities for growth and establish systems and procedure for the operations to achieve efficiency.
  • We provide access to detailed proprietary analytics and decision support systems in order to reduce the uncertainties related to project, product, service or area selection.
  • After assessing your healthcare organisation's level of establishment and momentum, we measure opportunities and build feasibility studies to assist with you decision making process.


 We are not a traditional healthcare consultancy, because we do not stop at the planning and advice stage. We offer hands on support in the design and production stage of your venture expansion. All this at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting firms. We take pride in our track record and do provide delivery and outcome guarantees.


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MaturityIn the maturity stage of the HBLC, we focus on areas such as:

  • Productivity, profitability, competitiveness, core expertise 
  • Process streamlining and improvement, automation, analytics

We assess areas of potential inefficiencies, negotiate better buying positions and capitalise on economies of scale.


We assist in operations and technology optimisation on an ongoing as needed basis or as a comprehensive package. We gave saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our healthcare clients.

Sustain StageIn this stage businesses undergo an organic decline in marketshare or position themselves to remain sustainable.

Essentially in the decline or sustain stage MEDIMCO ® prepares the healthcare business for the next stage which is "transition".

Long term longevity of revenue streams and sustainability of a business is a challenge requiring sometimes delicate process adjustments or major changes. We assist the decision makers in getting a clear picture of where the business currently is and how it can move forward.

We provide training, consulting, re-focus implementation, market adaptation and financial evaluation.


  • TransitionAre you planning to exit the market or retire from practicing? 
  • Did you consider selling the business?
  • Are you in a stage where you plan to expand or acquire another business?


In this stage we assist in succession planning, leadership coaching, exit strategy formulation, valuation, risk management and evaluation, M&A market preparation and more...


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About Us

MEDIMCO ® is a Melbourne, Australia based Support Services Provider serving healthcare businesses Worldwide.

We partner with our clients to assists along each step of the Healthcare Business Life Cycle. Read more about us and the HBLC here...
Our portfolio of services offered includes Healthcare Business Intelligence products, Infrastructure Management and Growth Planning (e.g. building, fit-out, costing, consulting, facilities management, just to name a few), Operations Support (optimisation, automation, compliance, QA), Healthcare Technology (HIS, practice management systems, DICOM, infrastructure, VOIP and consulting), Training and Assessment Services (practice assessments, staff training, business training, clinical training programs).

We serve clients such as General Practices (independent and groups), Allied Health Professionals, Radiology and Pathology Companies, Public and Private Hospitals and Specialty Surgery Centres, Aged Care and Respite Services Providers, Dentists and Dental Specialists as well as Healthcare Vendors, Suppliers, Builders and Developers.

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