Dr Edmond Ng
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Dr Edmond Ng

Senior Medical Associate

Healthcare Business & Technology Consultant

Masters Mgmt Info Systems (High Hons, USA)
General Practice Accreditation Surveyor Member
Australian Association of Practice Mgmt Captain(Medical Corps) Singapore Armed Forces
Fmr Associate Lecturer Monash, Edith Cowan & NUS
RACGP & RACP CPD Education Contributor
RACGP Examiner for FRACGP


Edmond has over 25 years of international clinical practice as a surgeon and a senior family physician with a specialist surgical fellowship FRCSEd(UK) in 1994 and a postgraduate family medicine fellowship FRACGP(Australia) in 2007. He initially graduated as a doctor in 1989 with his MBBS(Singapore). Edmond is also a surveyor to accreditate general practices and a healthcare management and education consultant. He has a postgraduate High Honours in Masters of Management Information Systems from Boston University (USA) in 1999 and is a member of GPA Accreditation plus and Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM).


Edmond was an Associate Lecturer in NUS (National University of Singapore) Masters of Science in Project Management Program and has acquired international consultancy experience in business & IT management in USA, Europe and Asia with industry leaders like IBM and Razorfish where he played key roles in business strategy consultancy & projects planning and delivery.


Edmond’s onsite global clients span multiple industries from Healthcare (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) and Financial Services (Frankfurt, Germany & Boston, USA) to Mobile Commerce cum Streaming Media (Las Vegas, USA) and Supply Chain (Shanghai, China). In Australia, Edmond has continued his consultancy work which includes eHealth and healthcare management & education. Recent local projects include early childhood intervention programs, residential aged care medical service delivery, clinical open disclosure, realtime monitoring software for misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, business intelligence for SME in healthcare, VoIP in healthcare, teleradiology and eLearning.


Edmond also served as a Captain(Medical Corps) in Singapore Armed Forces Military & Sports Medicine Research & Care Centre, and as a Flight Surgeon in Royal Singapore Air Force Helicopter Air Sea Search & Rescue. Apart from management and training responsibilities, he performed operational fitness assessments for army personnel and special ops forces, participated in clinical research in human performance and provided the Medical Coverage Plan for the 1993 South East Asia Games.


Edmond was an Associate Lecturer in sports science & sports medicine for Monash and Edith Cowan university campuses in Singapore. In 2005 Edmond was invited to be a Lecturer in anatomy in Perth for Edith Cowan University including sports science research. In Australia, Edmond has continued contributing to providing continuing professional education programs for healthcare professionals via recognised programs from the RACGP and RACP. In addition, Edmond is a RACGP Examiner for their Fellowship exams in Australia. In 2004 Edmond was the tournament sports physician for International Rugby Sevens in Singapore.


In 2004 Edmond also was the expedition doctor for a Special Olympics cum Singapore Management University team scaling the highest peak in South Asia, Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. In 2005 Edmond was invited to be the sports team doctor of a VFL feeder club to the AFL. In early 2015, Edmond was invited to join the sports physician teams for major professional sports franchises in AFL and NRL.


Edmond has international clinical and business development experience in Corporate, Industrial & Travel Medicine locally and Asia-Pacific. Edmond has also successfully established and operated wellness health services throughout Asia Pacific including Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Singapore. Edmond enjoys caring for our local multicultural community from the heart of Australia here in Melbourne. Fluent in English, he also speaks some Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien, and a little bit of Bahasa Melayu & Bahasa Indonesia.


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